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Supro Net started developing websites when most people used dial-in modems and the main emphasis was on a basic presence with websites that would load quickly on slow connections.

A smartphone was then still something that you could do more with than just phone, not a device to browse the web.

Many musicians prefer to play vintage Fender, Marshall and Gibson amps.

Through all of this we have maintained our personal approach and the principle that we can provide a company, regardless of its size, with a professional visual presence whether it is digital or printed.

and Canadian English) or (thermionic) valve (outside North America) is a device generally used to amplify, or otherwise modify, a signal by controlling the movement of electrons in an evacuated space.

However, tubes are still used in several specialized applications such as guitar amplifiers (also called a valve amp outside the U.

An alternating current in one winding creates a time-varying magnetic flux in the core, which induces a voltage in the other windings.

Transformers are used to convert between high and low voltages, to change impedance, and to provide electrical isolation between circuits.

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